Community Outreach

Angel Program

At St. Mary’s Home for Mothers, we proudly collaborate with the Angel Program, an initiative offered in partnership with the Gabriel Project. Through this heartwarming program, expecting mothers are paired with dedicated Angels, who provide unwavering support and guidance.

Whether within the comfort of our residential home or out in the community, our Angels stand by these moms every step of the way. Even beyond their stay at St. Mary’s, these compassionate Angels continue to offer their support. There is no set limit to the duration of this invaluable partnership, ensuring that moms receive ongoing assistance as they embark on their journey to motherhood.

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A2A (Alternatives to Abortion)

St. Mary’s Home for Mothers is proud to be a beneficiary of the Alternatives to Abortions funding program (A2A). This initiative plays a pivotal role in our mission by offering comprehensive case management and crucial assistance to mothers facing various challenges.

Through the A2A program, we extend our support to cover essential needs such as diapers, nutritious food, formula, and assistance with rent and utilities. This comprehensive service is designed to alleviate the burdens that mothers may encounter during their pregnancy journey.

What makes this program even more remarkable is that it is available to mothers both within our residential facility and in the greater Kansas City, Missouri area. We are dedicated to reaching out to moms in need throughout the community, ensuring that every mother, regardless of her circumstances, receives the care and support she deserves.

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Spiritual Support (Mass Times & Worship)

At St. Mary’s Home for Mothers, we understand the importance of nurturing the spiritual well-being of our residents and community. We provide a range of opportunities for moms to connect with their faith and grow spiritually.

Within our home, we offer regular worship services, creating a sacred space for reflection and connection with God. Additionally, we assist moms in accessing local churches and parishes, ensuring that they have the support and community they need to nurture their faith.

Every Wednesday evening, our in-house Bible Study sessions offer a dedicated time for moms to delve into the teachings of the Bible, fostering spiritual growth and understanding.

For a more intimate and personal spiritual experience, we host monthly “Soul 2 Soul” gatherings. These special events provide different avenues for our moms to connect with God and each other, creating a sense of unity and shared faith.

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