Homeless pregnant women fall through the cracks of existing social services agencies. Our research informs us that every month, four to five homeless expectant mothers seek help at one of the eleven Kansas City area Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRC’s).

St. Mary’s Home for Mothers will provide single, homeless women, whose pregnancies are at risk, with emotional, material and spiritual assistance to allow each of them the empowerment that comes with choosing life for her unborn infant.

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This “safety net” of St. Mary’s will be no hammock.

St. Mary’s Home for Mothers will allow each mother to reside at the home for up to two years post-delivery while she acquires vocational/career training, parenting/home-making skills as well as spiritual guidance to become fully ready to raise her child in a stable home environment.

St. Mary’s will use time-tested and evidence-based best practices to prepare each woman to successfully maintain employment and parenting responsibilities, so that she can forge a productive future for her family in society. The skills and confidence she gains will not only affect her and her child’s life, but future generations as well.

St. Mary’s is an investment not only in the life of a mother and her baby but in future generations.  

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