The Property

The new St. Mary’s Home for Mothers is a 2-story, 15,000 sq. ft. house on 13.7 acres east of Liberty, MO. It was designed by Mike Jantz, RHS Class of ’73, for the order of Benedictine Sisters as Queen of Angels Monastery. It was completed in 2001 and occupied by the Sisters until 2017.  At this time, it was put up for sale due to the dwindling population of religious sisters and the expenses of upkeep.  In March 2021, it was purchased by generous benefactors to be turned in to a home for homeless, pregnant mothers and their children.

The Challenges

  • Assessments and inspections
  • Repairs and restoration due to deferred maintenance (replace roof, replace siding, replace windows, etc.)
  • Remodeling — walls, flooring, etc.
  • Furnishings for all bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Furnishings for group dining room and other common areas
  • Kitchen appliances and equipment
  • Offices furniture and equipment
  • Re-landscaping around the house (amelioration of rainwater drainage issues, improved security, etc.)
  • Re-landscaping 90% of the rest of the property for productive small-farm operation, walking trail, privacy, etc.
  • New outbuildings, electricity, plumbing, work-related furnishings
  • Equipment for maintaining land and small-farm operation
  • Commercial grade kitchen equipment
  • Ongoing maintenance and utilities
  • Meals every day for mothers and their babies!

For inquiries regarding donating or assisting with the
St. Mary’s Home, please contact:

Dcn Doug Hemke
(816) 390-6386